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Do’s and Don’ts of Sidewalks


Do Try to keep grass mown and sidewalks free of leaves and dirt (this is the responsibility of the [...]

Do’s and Don’ts of Sidewalks 2017-11-21T22:49:56+00:00
2017 2017

Sidewalks Beyond Myrtlewood


Sidewalks Beyond Myrtlewood This year the City of Mobile, through the efforts of The Village of Spring Hill, Inc., [...]

Sidewalks Beyond Myrtlewood 2017-11-21T22:41:49+00:00
2017 2017

McGregor Makeover


McGregor Makeover Sidewalks on South McGregor Avenue and accompanying road improvements are finally a work in progress!  The Village [...]

McGregor Makeover 2017-11-21T22:41:49+00:00
2017 2017

Sidewalk-A-Thon 2017


Sidewalk-A-Thon 2017 The Village of Spring Hill’s 6th annual Sidewalk-A-Thon, held on Friday, April 28th,  was another huge success!  Over 250 participants [...]

Sidewalk-A-Thon 2017 2017-11-21T22:41:50+00:00
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