Dark-Sky Friendly Lighting

Dark-Sky Friendly Lighting

Published On: March 11, 2017

Upgrading To Dark-Sky Friendly Lighting

The Village of Spring Hill decorative street lights were chosen not only for their attractiveness and ability to create a warm Village atmosphere but for the fact that they help eliminate light pollution. Their crook-neck design directs light down on the sidewalks and backlights the street where it is needed, enhancing pedestrian safety and reducing the amount of light directed skyward.

It is said that many of the current generation of children have never seen the stars. To address the growing concern of light pollution in the night sky, many cities and communities are going to a line of Dark-Sky friendly fixtures that provide little or no up-lighting. Reduced light pollution opens up the sky to the marvels of astronomy and provides a more natural environment for area wildlife.

The new Village lighting has been purchased and installed by the property owners. Those participating to date are Holiday Place, AT&T, CVS Corporation and Regions Bank. Please join us in thanking these businesses for their dedication to the ongoing development of the Village of Spring Hill plan. We hope to see many more in the near future.