BE INFORMED on the S. McGregor Ave. City Project

BE INFORMED on the S. McGregor Ave. City Project

Published On: April 19, 2023


We do not consider the South McGregor Ave. Project (the “Project”), as it is currently being proposed by the City of Mobile, beneficial to the Spring Hill community in any way except with respect to the installation of sidewalks on both sides of South McGregor Ave.  It is our assessment that the Project will increase traffic and speed, possibly creating dangerous conditions in the heart of our Village.  In addition, the scale and intensity of the proposed lighting is more appropriate for a highway/interstate and will be intrusive to the surrounding neighborhoods.  The project was designed without input from TVSH, and it disregards many aspects of the report from TVSH Planners, and our Master Plan. The objective of the Project appears to be to move traffic as quickly as possible through our Village to alleviate traffic congestion on Dauphin St. and Airport Blvd., without regard for the quality of life of the residents of the Village!


Funding Source: The funding is a federal Surface Transportation Block Grant administered by the state.

Grant Objective: To reduce serious and fatal injuries on the Nation’s roadways by using these guidelines.

Re-engineer roadways prioritizing safety by implementing self-enforced speed controls:

·         Median islands in the turn lanes to prevent high-speed passing

·         Narrow lanes

·         Roundabouts

·         Multi-use paths and sidewalks


· Designed for an increase of 11,900 vehicles PER DAY over the next twenty (20) years increasing the total number of vehicles from 19,900 to 31,800.

· The addition of an unobstructed turn lane is contradictory to the guidelines for the funding and the recommendation of our Planners and will naturally entice high-speed passing on the left.

· Vehicle speed will increase significantly due to the elimination of existing self-enforced speed controls.

· The Project increases the lights from eight (8) to sixty-six (66) high intensity, highway/interstate scale lighting on both sides of South McGregor Avenue continuing down to Airport Blvd.

· There are no landscape provisions for the Roundabout or the surrounding area in the Project.

·  Installation of thirty-one (31) directional signs for the Roundabout at Dauphin St.


Following a community meeting in 2015 where the preliminary designs of the Project were presented by the City of Mobile, TVSH contracted with our Planners to evaluate the City’s plan and design with respect to TVSH Master Plan and our mission of making TVSH a safe pedestrian friendly neighborhood.

TVSH Planner Comments:

·  Sidewalks should be Installed on BOTH sides of South McGregor Avenue not just the east side.

·  A “Complete Streets” design should be a priority supporting lower speed for the roadway.

·  The turn lane should have at least three (3) medians to prevent high-speed passing on the left.

·  Lanes should be narrowed to ten feet (10’) for speed control.

·  The roundabout should contain pleasing plantings and elements.

TVSH Key Comments/Requests:

·  Safety is our #1 concern! 

·  Incorporate four (4) areas identified by TVSH, for planted medians in the turn lane.

·  Reduce the number, the height, and intensity of the proposed lighting.

·  Install grass in the large approach islands to the Roundabout instead of concrete as proposed.

·  Incorporate the established TVSH materials (i.e.) pavers, VSH lights, grass, and striping in the design.

·  Fund the implementation of a landscape plan approved by TVSH for the center of the Roundabout and surrounding area.

· Incorporate other aesthetic components established by TVSH like guard rails and black handrails already used in TVSH.


TVSH Meetings With The City Of Mobile:

TVSH has met several times with the city administration to express our concerns about the Project and the impact it will have on our Village. We have suggested ways to reduce the speed, add green space, reduce the lighting impact, and add established TVSH elements into the Project.

The City has agreed to the following as of April 19, 2023:

·  To install TVSH pavers around the edge of the Roundabout instead of stamped concrete.

· To plant grass in all the approach islands instead of concrete.

·  To dim the proposed lighting in the residential area.


The city has not yet agreed to the most important requests by TVSH. 

·  Install (4) medians in the turn lane which are crucial to controlling speed and reducing serious or fatal accidents as outlined in the grant and recommended by our Planners.

· Significantly reduce light fixtures to a more appropriate neighborhood number, size, and scale in the residential area.

· Fund the implementation of a TVSH landscape plan for the Roundabout and screening of adjacent neighborhoods allowed by the grant.

We are hopeful the voices of our community will be heard by the city administration and substantial positive changes will be made before construction begins on May 1, 2023, that will benefit TVSH and the City of Mobile mutually and will lessen the negative impact of this project on our community!