In Memoriam Of Sissy Hungerford

In Memoriam Of Sissy Hungerford

Published On: July 11, 2016

It is with profound sadness that the Board of Directors of The Village of Spring Hill, Inc. announces the death of our beloved friend and colleague Sissy Hungerford. 

Sissy has been a leader in the work and mission of The Village of Spring Hill, Inc. since its inception in 2006. She was a member of the small group of individuals who established the organization with the intent of improving the Spring Hill community, not simply with beautification efforts alone but with a fundamental plan to create a vision for the proper development and redevelopment of a truly walkable community. Sissy had seen how such efforts could effect positive change in cities such as Charleston in her native South Carolina.

Sissy’s quiet but determined approach to her work for the Village inspired all.  In spite of facing significant health challenges over the past few years, she tirelessly toiled on behalf of the Village with dedication and a relentless commitment to the vision.  Her brilliant mind, meticulous attention to detail, sound judgment and esteemed wisdom contributed immeasurably to the accomplishments and successes enjoyed by The Village of Spring Hill. With charm and grace she selflessly maintained her focus on the “spirit of community” which defined her. Even in her final days, foremost in her mind were the well-being and future of The Village of Spring Hill.

The Board of Directors is most grateful for the life of Sissy Hungerford.

Sissy, we thank you.  We love you.  We will miss you.