North McGregor Avenue Plan

North McGregor Avenue Plan

Published On: November 21, 2018

The Village Of Spring Hill, Inc. Secures Funding To Transform North McGregor Avenue!

Members of The Village of Spring Hill, Inc. (TVSH) board and City Council member Gina Gregory submitted a proposal to Commissioner Connie Hudson to partner with (TVSH) to fund a total makeover of North McGregor Avenue through the Mobile County Pay-As- You-Go Program in 2018.

The improvements will include updated drainage, curb, gutter, and sidewalk construction, and resurfacing of North McGregor Avenue from Old Shell Road to Springhill Avenue. Incorporated in the project will be a pedestrian crosswalk from the west side of North McGregor Avenue near the Spring Hill Manor residential area to the Spring Hill Village Shopping Center, which will allow safe pedestrian access to the commercial area.

In addition, the intersection of Springhill Avenue and North McGregor Avenue will be completely reconfigured to make it more pedestrian friendly. Pedestrian crosswalks, large islands and landscaping will be added, similar to the intersection of Old Shell Road and McGregor Avenue, a project that was initiated by TVSH in 2007.

With additional financial support for the sidewalk portion of the project committed by Council member Gina Gregory, the estimated one-million-dollar public works initiative is on the County Commission November ballot for approval.