South McGregor Avenue Sidewalks

South McGregor Avenue Sidewalks

Published On: January 1, 2015

There is no need to travel out of the country for an adventurous experience; just walk along South McGregor Avenue! Some of you have already faced the obstacle course of exposed tree roots grabbing at your toes or having to balance on a narrow ledge just above the endless traffic or even squeezing between a guardrail and the road inches from oncoming cars!

Recognizing that South McGregor Avenue is indeed too dangerous for pedestrians and continuing our efforts to build a safe sidewalk network throughout the Village, TVSH appealed to Council members Gina Gregory and Joel Daves to partner with us to make major improvements to the street and improve the safety of our community. They agreed to join us in this infrastructure project, which will include not only sidewalks but also curbing and gutters on both sides of McGregor.

Council members Gregory and Daves will provide the bulk of the funding needed using 2016 Capital Improvement Plan funds. These funds will be combined with seed money raised for TVSH from the 2015 Sidewalk-A-Thon, a grant from The J. L. Bedsole Foundation, and money secured through the extraordinary efforts of TVSH supporter Joy Grodnick.

Plans are for the McGregor project to be done in phases, beginning in 2016 on the east side of McGregor Avenue from the Moorer Branch of the Mobile Public Library to Dauphin Street. Phase two sidewalks on the west side of McGregor will be constructed at some time the following year. This extensive infrastructure project will bring the road up to current City standards and improve safety for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. When the total project is complete, it will not only transform the aesthetics of McGregor Avenue but will also give thousands of Spring Hill residents safe access to other sidewalks in the Village!